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Secondary 3 Level Programmes


Secondary 3 is an adjustment year with rich learning opportunities. Progressing from lower secondary to upper secondary, Sec 3 Admirals face higher expectations in terms of academic and leadership pursuits. With that in mind, Secondary 3 programmes are customised to help students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to overcome these challenges.


As part of ADSS Co-Curriculum, Secondary 3 programmes aim to provide:

    • Age-appropriate exposure and development to Secondary 3 Admirals in the CLAMPS (Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Moral, Physical and Social) domains, and
    • Experiential learning opportunities for Secondary 3 Admirals to develop knowledge, skills and attitude for the 21st century.   

Study Skills Workshop – Term 2

To help Secondary 3 Admirals manage the more rigorous upper secondary curriculum, a study skills workshop is conducted to equip the Sec 3 Admirals with cross-discipline study skills. Through this workshop, Secondary 3 Admirals will understand their unique learning style (visual, auditory or kinaesthetic) and adopt study skills that best suit them.

Admirals from Class 3E2 fully engaged and enjoying the rich learning from the Study Skills Workshop.

Dream Actualisation Retreat Programme (Professional sharing) – Term 2

To support our Secondary 3 Admirals in navigating the diverse post-secondary pathways and guiding them to discover their aspirations, Admirals attended career talks by professionals.  Admirals had selected the talks based on their interests. Booths set up by Institutes of Higher Learning further enabled Admirals to discuss the courses that they aspire to pursue.

Admirals learning more about Early Childhood from MOE Kindergarten Educators.

Citizenship Ceremony – Term 3

Citizenship Ceremony is an event for Secondary 3 Singaporean Admirals to receive their National Registration Identity Cards. This ceremony signifies the coming of age (fifteen years old) of our Singaporean Admirals. The ceremony aims to help Singaporean Admirals better understand their national identity as Singaporeans as well as inspire them to contribute to the social cohesion and progress of Singapore. 

Secondary 3 Cohort Camp – Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) – Term 3

This camp is an ‘outdoor classroom’ which provides opportunities for Secondary 3 Admirals to discover and develop their potential as individuals and student leaders. Through this experience, we hope that Admirals will learn to:

    • deal with challenges / adversities positively through self-directed learning and making right choices to influence their circumstances
    • build friendships with students from different school backgrounds and actively help each other to achieve team goals in an inclusive manner
    • commit to play an active role in the improvement of one’s community and the environment