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Cyberwellness Partnership - Every Parent a Supportive Parent

Parents play a key role in their children’s growth. Students benefit the most when the home and school environments are attuned to each other. Hence, at Admiralty Secondary School, we believe in partnering parents to provide the necessary knowledge, information, support and reinforcement at home.

Principles and Key messages for Cyber Wellness Education


Key Messages

·       Respect for self and others

·       Safe and responsible use

·       Positive Peer influence

·       Embrace the affordances of technology while maintaining a balanced lifestyle between offline and online activities.

·       Be a safe and responsible user of technology and maintain a positive online presence.

·       Be responsible for personal well-being in the cyberspace.


Resources for Parents:


Quick links/Reference

Admiralty Secondary School (ADSS)



















Guidelines used in Admiralty Secondary School to guide students to be respectful and responsible digital learners. 




Ministry of Education (MOE)

 Parent Kit – Cyber Wellness for your Child

Practicing Cyber Wellness

 Tips for Personal Data Protection

Parent Handbook (I) on Learning with a Personal Learning Device

External Agencies

     Media Literacy Council

   National Crime Prevention Council

     S.U.R.E. by National Library Board

   Cyber Security Agency

     Personal Data Commission of Singapore